“What sets MMUF apart is the way it illuminates the connection between diversity and academic excellence; the importance it places on mentoring relationships; its injunction to students to build supportive networks; the positive functions of the cohort; the disposition to collaborate as well as compete; and the obligation to pay these benefits forward to the next generation of young scholars.”

~ Armando Bengochea, MMUF Director, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

MMUF Seminar

2023 Spring Schedule

- Regular Seminars: Fridays 1:00-2:00 pm @ HC 1040

January 20: Welcome Back! 
We’re so happy to see you! We will do some icebreakers, discuss our winter break, and plan for
the spring.
January 27: Planning Your Semester
February 3: Funding Graduate Programs + Funding while In Grad School
February 10: Journal Article Writing 1
February 17: Moving beyond Methodological Divides
February 24: Identifying Top Journals in Your Field
March 3: Campus Visits + Interviews
March 10: No meeting—Junior fellows work on grad school matrix
March 17: Spring Break - No seminar
April 24: Scholarly Identity Mapping
March 30: Reading Lists for Comps and Quals
April 7: No seminar
April 14: Graduate Student Panel
April 21: **Friday, April 21: UROC
April 28: Faculty Publication Panel
May 5: Last Meeting
Graduation party + wrap-up the spring semester