“MMUF is a network. And I think that over time, the reverberating effects of this network are going to be very, very substantial. As the numbers continue to grow...you begin to get a second- and a third-generation effect...I think that's going to be powerful.”

~ William G. Bowen, co-founder of MMUF and former president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Current Fellows


Mark Campbell
Women's Studies and History
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Hutchison


Rios Fernandez
Chicana & Chicano Studies and Psychology
Mentor: Dr. José Luis Serrano Nájera


Shaleena Flores
International Studies (Latin America) and Economics
Mentor: Dr. Matías Fontenla


Jesus Sanchez
Political Science and Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Dreier

Julian Angel

Julián Ángel
Chicana & Chicano Studies
Mentor: Dr. Laura Elena Belmonte

Charlotte Auh

Charlotte Auh
Honors Interdisciplinary
Mentor: Dr. Mia Sosa-Provencio

My Linh Lucero

My Linh Lucero
Mentor: Dr. Ian Wallace

Reyes Reynaga

Reyes Reynaga
Chicana & Chicano Studies
Mentor: Dr. Ana Alonso-Minutti

John San Nicolas

John San Nicolas
Religious Studies & Philosophy
Mentor: Dr. Richard Wood