“MMUF is a network. And I think that over time, the reverberating effects of this network are going to be very, very substantial. As the numbers continue to grow...you begin to get a second- and a third-generation effect...I think that's going to be powerful.”

~ William G. Bowen, co-founder of MMUF and former president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Current Fellows

Rozee Benavides

Rozee Benavides

Anthropology & Spanish
Research Interests: evolutionary anthropology, human rights
Mentor: Jocelyn DeHaas & Catherine Rhodes

Thomas Graves

Thomas "Tre" Graves

Political Science & Environmental Science
Research Interests: Political Ecology, Green Political Theory
Mentor: Jami Nelson-Nuñez

Hotvlkuce Harjo

Hotvlkuce Harjo

Women's Studies & Arts Studio
Research Interests: Indigeneity, Queer Theory, Disability
Mentor: Amy Brandzel

Timoteo L'Esperance

Timoteo "TJ" L'Esperance

Political Science
Research Interests: Border Politics
Mentor: Michael Rocca

shelby Zubia

Shelby Zubia

Linguistics & Psychology
Research Interests: Language Preservation
Mentor: Dawn Nordquist

hallie brown

Hallie Brown

Sociology & International Studies
Research Interests: Human Rights, Cultural Adaptation, and Globalization
Mentor: Sarita Cargas & Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Jason Merriam

Jason Merriam

Classical Studies
Research Interests: Concept of Anxiety in Greek Tragedians
Mentor: Iain Thomson

Jasmine Montoya

Jasmine Montoya

Women's Studies
Research Interests: Gender Constitution within an intersectional framework
Mentor: Amy L. Brandzel